Suparshva Swabs (India)
 D-41, Sector A-2, Tronica City,
Ghaziabad, U.P - 201102, INDIA

Incorporated in 1998, We, Suparshva Swabs (I) is the one of the largest & the most qualitative manufacturer/ exporter of Personal Hygiene products, like Cotton buds, special swabs, Cotton balls etc., in entire South Asia.
A pioneer of all the above products, in India, we are today, the strongest company in India, selling various Cotton & wood based personal hygiene products under our flagship brand TULIPS. The product range includes almost all Cotton hygiene products including ‘pre-sterilized’ Absorbent Cotton Rolls & Cotton Pleats, along with Cotton based medical disposables. The range also includes high quality White Birch Toothpicks, Skewers/ Bar-be-que sticks of different sizes.
Suparshva Swabs (I) is company with international reputation & footprint and the products are produced at state of the art manufacturing facilities, ensuring high level of quality standards & product consistency.
Our product quality has earned international prestige for the country, as the products are being exported to top brands in more than 15, quality discerning, countries.
Along with the fact that we have the best manufacturing practices & facilities, we are also one of the most competitive manufacturers worldwide. With complete backward integration, almost all the intermediate raw materials required by us, are being processed in-?house, on totally automated production lines, making us one of the lowest cost manufacturers in the world.
We pass this low cost benefit to the end consumer, by keeping our product MRP one of the lowest in the country. This is one of the reasons, the consumers find TULIPS products very low in MRP.